Education and Training

LOTUS contributes to the training of Vietnamese students and researchers in the modeling and observation of the regional ocean-continent-atmosphere system and to the connection between training and research activities at USTH, providing different kind of education programs:

  • Bachelor and Master

MS graduation day, 2017

USTH Bachelor and Master education programs constitutes the academic training part associated with LOTUS research objectives, in particular the WEO and Space USTH Master programs. More information visit the pages of:

  • Internships and PhD

LOTUS provides a framework for the supervision of Bachelor and Master interns and PhD students'. A dozen of PhD and M2 students are presently being supervised by researchers from LOTUS partner teams, studying in France and/or in Vietnam. LOTUS gives them the opportunity to work together in an interdisciplinary and international environment, learning different technical and scientific approaches relevant to environmental studies. They are funded through different PhD fellowships programs (Vietnam Government, French Embassy in Vietnam, IRD, ULCO…).

  • Training schools

SIROCCO training school for numerical ocean modeling, March 2016

Training schools on specific aspects of the modeling and observation of the coupled land-ocean-atmosphere system are organized on a yearly basis. A one week training period was for example organized in 2016 with the participation of 4 LA researchers and engineers to train young researchers in oceanography modeling using SIROCCO tools, and repeated in 2017.

  • Seminars

Seminars are and will be regularly organized during research or training visits of exterior scientists in particular involving those coming temporally at USTH for WEO and Space teaching programs.





Founding Institutions

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