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LOTUS emerged from previous punctual projects gathering researchers from IRD, Vietnamese and French teams, now willing to build a federative common laboratory at USTH. Due to the strong coupling between physical, chemical and biological processes and to the large range of spatiotemporal scales involved in the ocean-continent-atmosphere regional system, our scientific project requires the involvement of different specialties and the combination of a variety of tools.

HILO meeting, 7-10 nov. 2016, USTH, Hanoi

The two founders of LOTUS, USTH and LEGOS, share and transfer their expertise in ocean/atmosphere modeling, earth satellite observation and in-situ water analyses.
They are supported by key members working in :

- numerical modeling and in-situ observations of the hydrodynamic-biogeochemical-sediment coupled system from river to ocean waters : IO, IMER, LA
- continental to marine remote sensing : LOG, STI

Moreover, LOTUS, as collaborative research platform, rallies scientists from other teams already involved in teaching at USTH, who significantly participate to research activities (VNU-HUS, SFRI, IET, ECOLAB, ENSIACET, LERMA...).





Founding Institutions

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