LOTUS Kick-Off meeting, 28th March 2018, Hanoi

Viet Nam is a highly coastal country with densely populated low altitude delta areas (Red River in the North and Mekong in the South) submitted to a wide range of natural and anthropogenic hazard (typhoons, flooding, water pollution, sea level rise ) where key agriculture, fishing and tourism industries strongly rely on water resources and quality.

The International Joint Laboratory was launched in 2018. emerged from previous projects gathering researchers from Vietnamese and French teams, now willing to build a federative common laboratory at USTH to contribute to answer to Viet Nam demand and needs for a sustainable development.

The goal of is to build a state-of-the art laboratory for environmental studies, in strong connection with USTH education programs. We aim to develop an innovative integrated approach to study the transport and fate of water and matter in the river-estuary-ocean continuum focusing on North Viet Nam.





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